Some Social Media Basics




There’s a lot of information out there about getting started with Facebook.  For a good basic explanation, take a few minutes for this video from Business Week:


“Tweet” was one of TIME Magazine’s ten buzzwords of the year for 2008.  It refers to an entry into the micro-blogging platform called Twitter – something you’ll hear more about (probably a lot more) in 2009.

To many of us, Twitter sounded pretty dumb at first.  But it’s become a phenomenal success in the social media world.  As you’ve probably heard, it was instrumental in Obama’s revolutionary campaign — which alone makes it something to be curious about.

REALTORS® (and just about everyone else) are using it to connect quickly and easily with an ever-expanding group.

To get an idea of how Twitter works, and start thinking about the possibilities for your business, take a look at the videos below.  As with other technology and social media tools, the easiest and best way to learn is to just do it!  So dive right in if you decide Twitter looks like a good fit for you.



This one is long, but if you want to take the time you’ll get some good information about using Twitter for business:


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